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Peace of mind for you and everyone you trust

Have you ever wondered what happens to someone's assets after they pass away? Many remain trapped forever, causing nothing but agony and pain to friends and relatives who never get to hear the deceased's sincere last words or use the funds of a lifetime stacked away in foreign bank accounts and crypto wallets.

Imagine if every digital asset you hold dear were organized inside an online box that guarantees safety – cannot be dug out, is split into millions of tiny pieces spread out across the globe and is transferred to anyone you wish, at any point in the future.

We can't beat death, but we can make sure it doesn't take everything away by keeping the things that make our lives worth living safe, no matter what they are.

TimeBox is a time capsule powered by decentralized storage and smart contracts that keeps your digital assets safe forever and guarantees their delivery at anytime, anywhere and to anyone you choose - long after you're gone.


TimeBox was founded with an ambitious purpose - to be remembered as the company that brought a perpetual solution to both remote storage and digital asset custody - economical, accessible and impossible to breach.


Your digital belongings survive every day in a mayhem of privacy and security issues. Society is transitioning from the industrial age to the information age, and data is becoming the world’s most valuable resource. Everyone out there, from meticulous hackers to large corporations, is out to sell who you are and what you do.

No Guarantee of Permanent Storage

Even titans like Alibaba, Amazon, Google and Tencent have a mere "history" of 20 years. They decide, at all times, how much operational speed, privacy, accessibility, money and security effort you're worth. There is absolutely no guarantee that your precious assets will be stored even for the next 20 years, let alone for longer.

Incessant Security Breaches

Heavy reliance upon a central point of failure makes it simple to identify and exploit the weaknesses of a trust-based model through malware and application flaws. Furthermore, since many storage devices rely on the same infrastructure, failures are correlated across files and systems and hit enterprises just as hard as private consumers.

Perpetual entrapment

No present storage provider – not even on the blockchain – can guarantee the transferal of your digital belongings to trusted hands should you pass away. Unimaginable amounts of money, crucial files that could have saved countless lives and relationships are lost forever to a perpetual entrapment from which nobody, no matter their blood ties or determination, can rescue them.

A hefty bounty on your data

Centralized cloud storage services are what veteran hackers eat for breakfast. With a well-targeted, ill-intentioned click of a mouse button, your whole life could be turned upside down and sold to the highest bidder - bank accounts emptied, identity stolen and your most intimate secrets out in plain sight.


Privacy and safety are two things no one should have to ask for.

Centralized storage is barely 20 years old, but from a growing number of perspectives, it's already dead. Ironically, even though it is supposed to act as a trusted third party for the transfer and storage of data, a lack of trust is what this system suffers from the most.

Blockchain powered decentralization offers advancements in data security and integrity that centralization could never achieve, eliminating censorship, data failure, unauthorized access and tampering.

TimeBox combines the best of blockchain technology and smart contracts to provide the first decentralized custody service of digital assets in history.

We're redefining what it means to be kept "safe" by eradicating death's toll on each and every one's ownership of digital assets.

You get unlimited storage, uninterrupted availability, blazing fast upload/ retrieval speeds inside a reliable platform, and best of all - Your data is safe forever and can be transferred anytime, anywhere, to anyone you choose - long after you're gone.


Users receive a virtual TimeBox that enables them to safely store virtually any type of digital file. Smart Contracts on the blockchain and sharding guarantee safe data storage and provide convenient access with dependable data encryption.

Load digital assets into the TimeBox

Load important documents, bank account credentials, cryptocurrency, photos, voice records and videos. Our platform supports all types of files and you can rest assured that your digital assets will be kept completely safe—forever.

Configure the conditions of your smart contract and initiate payment

You can easily personalize your smart contract and set specific parameters according to your individual circumstances: Decide who gets what and when.

In any case, you can count on us to provide absolute safety, convenience, ease of personalization and simplicity—helping you set up everything in a way that fully covers you and whomever else you trust.

Initiate the contract through our Decentralized Asset Trust Network (DATN)

Decentralized Asset Trust Network (DATN) is the core of TimeBox’s blockchain solution. Through DATN, we provide our decentralized custody service to you. DATN is the middle layer between the blockchain layer and the application layer, controlled by a smart contract. This makes it quick, effective and completely secure.

Set up a wallet and a pass phrase

Our service is tailored to give you quick, simple access to your files at any time. You will receive an automatic notification to help you set up a pass phrase and a wallet - a hassle-free step, completed in just a few clicks.

Retrieve or transfer your digital assets

You will be able to retrieve your assets at any moment through the original wallet and pass phrase, or just keep them properly stored with the help of the platform until the time comes for them to be transfered, according to your own specifications.



Miners rent out redundant storage space to clients and mine smart contract confirmation blocks—receiving a specific amount of Timebox Coin (TB Coin) as a reward. TB Coin mining power is proportional to active storage. This makes the platform a self-healing storage network that automatically repairs replica failures.

Role: Accepting Timebox tasks for storing and retrieving user content, earning TB Coin for their efforts.

TB Coin

TimeBox Coin is the native virtual currency used to pay for the cost of utilizing Timebox services, as well as rewarding miners for their storage and retrieval activities. Our utility token was designed to flourish inside the TimeBox ecosystem, defining its intrinsic value, guaranteeing its stability and addressing its self-sustained scalability.

Role: TimeBox's backbone, used to pay for platform/storage fees and miners' storage and retrieval services.


Every user receives an exclusive virtual TimeBox and a simple, convenient and secure access to upload their digital assets. It is the user itself who chooses the smart contract's specific conditions, paying in TB Coin for the platform's services.

Role: creating and sharing content, choosing storage and delivery conditions. Paying in TB Coin or fiat currency for the platforms's / miners' service.


Beautiful, Intuitive Design

There's nothing complicated with TimeBox. The world's most powerful data custody tool is being designed from the ground up to be gorgeous and extremely easy to use for everyone - even if you've never heard of blockchain.

Full Regulatory Compliance

Absolute privacy and data security are the platform's life breath. We follow the strictest regulations on the planet, including the new European General Data Protection Regulation.

mobile app
Cross-Platform Coverage

Through single sign-on (SSO), you'll always be in control of your own TimeBox dashboard - just as easily from a PC as from any other device.

TimeBox Family

We're not here to just protect you from regrets. TimeBox will offer you the chance to share stories and precious memories with its entire user base, so you can show the world how far your life has taken you.




Feb 20, 2018

Number of tokens for sale

100,000,000 TB (50%)


Aug 15, 2018 (20:00 UTC+8)

Tokens exchange rate

1 ETH = 1200 TB

Accepted currencies


Minimal purchase amount

50 USD

Distribution of tokens


Use of proceeds



The TimeBox team has a record of absolute excellence in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain technology, finance, marketing, business expansion and development, as well as strategy planning and implementation. Together, we combine our passions and unmatched industry expertise to create revolutionary solutions that will last for ages to come.


Jason Hung
Chairman & CSO

Alex Chang

JC Lin

Max Lu



Su Chun Chia
Blockchain Developer
Wu Hsien An
Blockchain Developer
Kai Wei Hsu
Soft Designer



Slavian Oatu
Rocio Leon
Jose Mario Ponce Zelaya


Kent Yan
Business Advisor

Simon Cocking
Chief Marketing Advisor
Nassim Belouar
Marketing Advisor

Professor Wu
Blockchain application consultant
Nikolay Zvezdin
Finance & Legal Advisor
Aythami Melian Perdomo
Technical Advisor

Allen Lin
Cloud & SEO Advisor

Howard Yeh
Patent Advisor




Looking to learn more about TimeBox?


TimeBox is a one-of-a-kind virtual capsule that redefines what it means to have your assets safely stored, protecting you even beyond yours and our company's actual lifespan.

We guarantee that your digital assets will be kept safe forever and will be delivered to the people you designate whenever needed. TimeBox was created to directly address the problems that surround centralized storage - privacy violations, hacking, leaking personal data and most important of all - permanent loss.

There's no place for either human or nature-induced callamities with TimeBox. Should the company itself be compromised and cease to exist, you can rest assured all your assets will still be kept safe and sound - ready for you or anyone of your choosing to retrieve them at anytime, from anywhere.

Many promising blockchain projects have sprung up attempting to put an end to the inherent weaknesses of a trust-based storage model, but none go past this first basic step. They do not adress the question of data custody.

As a consequence, your files are still susceptible to entrapment inside their platform should anything happen to you.

This is not the case with TimeBox. We're already solving the problem while others don't even recognize it.

With us, you get unlimited storage, a reliable platform, and best of all - Your data is completely safe and retrievable on your own terms.

No other project in the blockchain space goes beyond disrupting traditional centralized storage, leaving the question of asset entrapment unanswered. We're therefore right at the top of the list by combining a definitive solution to both issues.

We're already ahead conceptually and reinforce our lead by combining some of the brightest minds out there to develop TimeBox to its full maturity.

Even by blockchain's advanced standards, we're second to none in the pursuit of the ultimate storage solution.

TimeBox is setting the benchmark for an era that finally solves the question of data loss, corruptibility, manipulation, leakage and entrapment. We're not just repairing the issue; we're designing a solution that can't break by default. Cloud storage is outdated and broken. TimeBox is the future.

Read our whitepaper for more information. Alternatively, please take a look at our pitch deck for all the most important info regarding the team, project and ICO.


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